Frequently Asked Questions

Where / How can I buy a ticket?

Please visit our booking calendar: here .

Is all the tasting included in the price of the tour?

Yes, it is! You will not pay anything extra during our tour tasting.

How much food shall we have?

Portions are not extensively big so that you can easily taste various kinds food and drinks in each of the places. However, our customers always feel full and happy at the end of the tour. We recommend to have just a little lunch before the beginning of the tour.

How many people will be on the tour with us?

We love personal interaction so we prefer small groups! Along with our guide you will be 2- 7 people so that everyone can interact and rise questions.

Who will be our guide?

We believe that guide is one of the most important parts of the tour. If it is not one of us, founders of the Feel Local project, it will be one of you guides who is as enthusiastic, open minded and foodie as we are!

Can I take children with me?

Sure! Although alcohol is served on our tours, there are non-alcoholic alternatives. There is also an opportunity to have a tailored tour for you and your kids! Let us know through our email form.

How much shall we walk?

Maximum distance is about 3 km and the walking takes about 45 mins in total, however we will stop in each place so there is enough time to have a rest. 

Is the tour taking place in rain?

Yes! As most of the time is spent indoor, the tour takes place rain or not. Please check the weather forecast before the tour and take your umbrella if needed.


If you suffer from any sort of allergy please let us know in advance so that we can adjust the menu for you!